Ahava Media

The Challenge

Ahava Media is a photography and graphic design company. When they approached us they didn’t have a website and so they wanted us to do the thing we specialise in – help them create an online presence that would help them reach their customers and grow their business.

The Solution

We created a website for Ahava Media that had their photography work as the focal point. With eye catching imagery, we wanted to draw the visitor into their story. The client was keen to keep the site simple and crisp so we minimised the range of colours, maximising the use of white space. The client also required a secure area to show their customers their personal images or bespoke designs – we integrated this for them.


I enjoyed working with TMC Web Design London because they made the process easy for me. I felt supported during every part of the process and I really got the sense that they understood my business and what I was trying to do.

Patrick Lee

Ahava Events